Notos Group has specialized know-how in structuring and managing maritime assets. These include direct investments in vessels, investments in shipping companies, ship loans, shipping shares and derivatives. According to the investor‘s expertise, risk appetite and IRR-expectation we offer both KAGB-compliant structures and individual solutions for new and already existing investments.


Alternative Investment Funds

Notos Invest GmbH manages closed-end special-AIF for institutional and semi-professional investors. The special-AIF ‘Calima’ is a mixed-fund investing in equity, debt and derivatives based on a medium-term investment strategy.

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Liquid Alternatives

Notos Portfolio Advisory GmbH advises portfolio managers in the allocation and risk management of liquid investments in stocks and derivatives on the basis of factor-models. For example, the ‘Notos Maritime Strategy Index’ portrays an allocation-strategy for shipping stocks following a cyclicality-based algorithm.

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Private Direct Investments

Notos Consult GmbH structures tailor-made investment solutions over the entire capital-structure spectrum in respect of direct investments and the financing of shipping companies and shipping assets for institutional and semi-professional investors to meet their specific requirements.

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